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Question: Do you have vegetarian or gluten-free items?
Answer: Our signature Pho noodle soup is gluten-free. We also have a number of vegetarian dishes and a vegetarian broth for Pho lovers.

Question: Do you have a kid's menu?
Answer: We have a separate section in our menu just for kids. All meals come with free soda or smoothies substitution. See Kids Menu

Question: Do you cater or offer party trays?
Answer: We currently do not cater. However, we can offer special pricing for party trays.

Question: What separates Pho-nomenal from other pho restaurant?
Answer: Since our name is Pho-nomenal, our main emphasis is on Pho. What separates us from other places is in the broth itself. We slow cook our broth for a minimum of 10 hours and adding only natural ingredients. We also offer a number of modern Vietnamese dishes exclusive to only Pho-nomenal.

Question: Do you serve liquor?
Answer: We offer a number of imported and domestic beers. For wine lovers, we carry a variety of white and red wines

Question: What is Lollicup?
Answer: Lollicup is a national franchise for smoothies and boba tea. Pho-nomenal is a authorized carrier of Lollicup. We offer over 10 flavors including 5 exotic fruit flavors. View all the flavors here