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05/28/13 - Starting June 1st, 2013, we will be rolling out new gluten-free entrees
05/01/13 - Party trays now available. Call us at 719-597-0277 for special pricing
04/04/13 - Phở-nomenal Vietnamese Restaurant Now Open

What is Pho?
Phở (fuh) n.
Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Phở-natic (fa-nat-ik) n.
Someone who loves to eat Phở

Phở-nomenal (fuh-ˈnä-mə-nəl) n.
A place where you can eat a phenomenal bowl of Phở

About Phở

Phở is a Vietnamese noodle soup originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam. The specific place of origin of Phở can be traced to Nam Dinh province, southeast of Hanoi, then a substantial textile market. It was a popular street and night food for the people at the time. Almost a century later, Phở is still a popular street and night food that is enjoyed around the world.

At Phở-nomenal, we bring you the same Phở recipe that was passed down for generations. Some of our ingredients are still imported from half way around the world. Whether you like the original rare steak Phở or other popular Phở such as seafood or vegetarian,  we have one that is right for you. We also have several classic foods such as Cơm (rice plate with grilled meat) and Bún (vermicelli noodle bowl) as well as modern twists like our Soft Shell Crabs and Baked Mussels. If you have never tried Vietnamese food or eat it every day, we have something for you.

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